Recyclable Soiled Linen Bags/Hampers

Recyclable Soiled Linen Bags/Hampers

  • Our Low Density Recyclable Polyethylene Soiled Linen Bags are of exceptional quality
  • We offer custom colours and printRecyclable Soiled Linen Bags and Hampers
  • Bags are standard size of 29” x 38” however custom sizes are available upon request
  • Pricing for our Soiled Linen Bags is highly competitive

Soiled Linen Hampers

  • Hampers are made of a metal frame and plastic lids
  • All hamper lids are labelled
  • The lids are controlled by foot pedals, eliminating the need to use hands
  • Bags are securely fit around the frame of the Hamper Stand which guarantees a non-slip fit.
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